Pressure wave cleaning of slag deposits, solids, condensation from flue gases in waste recycling plants


Maximum energy efficiency for waste to energy plants

Due to their heterogeneous fuels, waste to energy plants are very susceptible to contamination on the surfaces of the heat exchangers. Deposits of slag, solids, flue gas condensation, or other chemical reactions cause pressure loss and reduce heat transfer.

This debris can be removed safely using our mobile PressureWave+™ and/or the permanently installed CloudEx™ cleaning methods. The result: The efficiency of your system improves, thanks to longer operating times, higher flow rates, and maximum availability. The solution pays off.

For a thorough and efficient cleaning of all system components, we recommend a combination of PressureWave+™ and CloudEx™.  Just ask us.

Our processes are suitable for the following components:

Components cleaned with pressure wave cleaning in waste to energy plants


The perfect cleaning concept for your waste to energy plant

Contamination analysis

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    System inspection using a high-temperature camera
    Boiler data analysis

Pressure wave cleaning with

Our service–

  • mobile cleaning with PressureWave+™
  • Safe and efficient, on demand
  • Optimal availability


All-inclusive subscription,

Maximum availability at a modest price with:

  • installation costs included
  • maintenance costs included
  • spare parts included

We would be happy to help you with any questions or problems relating to your waste to energy plant. With our specialist knowledge, over 20 years of experience, and the use of state-of-the-art software, we can identify the weaknesses of every system. Periodic cleaning and optimization of the settings also increase the efficiency of your system. Your benefits: optimal availability, lower pressure loss, and increased waste flow rates and maximum energy recovery.

  • Extends operating time
  • Shortens overhaul times
  • Increases availability
  • Reduces downtime thanks to on-load application
  • Increases efficiency thanks to improved heat transfer and reduced pressure loss
  • Maximizes fuel flow rates
  • Reduces emissions
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”Bang&Clean always helps us troubleshoot quickly and efficiently”

Peter Siegenthaler, Energie Wasser Bern

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”Having the ability to carry out cleanings at the right time and place is incredibly valuable. It enables us to realistically pursue our goal of uninterrupted operation for 24 months.”

Markus Benz, Head of Mechanical Maintenance

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«The option to clean our plants ourselves through a license has proven to be an extremely flexible and optimal solution for us.»

Florian Hinko, Process Engineering

We are happy to help with any questions. Please contact us.

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