Your contacts in the Benelux countries: Bang&Clean B.V.

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Bang&Clean Benelux B.V.

Florijnstraat 81E
2988 CL Ridderkerk

Your contacts in the Benelux countries:
Bang&Clean B.V. – Competence knows no boundaries

Since 2021, Bang&Clean Benelux B.V. has offered its customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands boiler cleaning using PressureWave+™. The subsidiary of Bang&Clean Technologies AG, based in Ridderkerk, near Rotterdam, is a valued partner to a wide range of energy-producing industries, including waste and hazardous waste to energy plants, combined cycle gas turbine plants, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), and biomass power plants. In addition to mobile cleaning of steam boilers, Bang&Clean Benelux also plans, permanently installs, and maintains the CloudEx™ process for its customers in the Benelux countries and in other European countries.


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Jerry Goud
Managing Director, Bang&Clean Benelux and Asia

Mobile: +31 6 20 13 30 97

Raoul Hopman
General Manager

Mobile: +31 6 48 70 09 19

Dave Prins
Operational Manager

Mobile: +31 6 36 40 09 34

Jimmy van der Pennen
Project Manager

Mobile: +31 6 82 06 05 91

The Bang&Clean B.V. team: mobile, permanently installed pressure wave boiler cleaning in Benelux