Cloud Ex: Stationary boiler cleaning system using pressure waves, pressure wave cleaning, explosion cleaning,

CloudEx™–automated for maximum availability

Since its launch in 2021, CloudEx™ pressure wave cleaning has attracted a great deal of interest. And rightly so: The stationary, automated system installed on the boiler ensures a safe deep-cleaning effect and thus a consistently high level of efficiency for your plant. CloudEx™ pressure wave cleaning is particularly suitable for installation on sensitive parts of the system, i.e. parts that are particularly susceptible to debris buildup. With an all-inclusive subscription, CloudEx™ is a cost-effective addition to the mobile PressureWave+™.

Procedure for stationary pressure wave cleaning with CloudEx

Here’s how it works

Like PressureWave+™, CloudEx™ uses targeted gas explosions to safely and efficiently release deposits. The gas mixing unit requires very little space and is mounted directly on the boiler by means of a small integrated door. Once installed, the system reliably cleans your boiler at the frequency and intensity programmed by our experts. When it comes to CloudEx™ pressure wave cleaning as well, the safety of people and equipment is a top priority. Accordingly, the process is carried out only in coordination with the installation control system.

  • Stationary, automated pressure wave cleaning
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Low investment and maintenance costs thanks to all-inclusive subscription, including assembly, maintenance, and spare parts
  • Targeted cleaning during operation
  • Cleaning frequency depending on amount of debris
  • Maximum safety for people and equipment
CloudEx, stationary pressure wave cleaning installed on the boiler
CloudEx installation
Parameterization and configuration of CloudEx

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