Our history –

over 20 years of Swiss innovation and technology

The founding team led by Markus Bürgin was all too familiar with the strenuous, grueling work of removing the debris lodged inside waste to energy boilers. “There must be an easier way!” With this vision in mind, they founded Bang&Clean Technologies AG in 2001 and began developing PressureWave+™. Their vision succeeded! What began as a fledgling company is now a globally active enterprise that uses pressure waves to clean energy-producing industrial plants. For example, the PressureWave+™ processes developed, certified, and patented by Bang&Cleanhave been used more than 40,000 times in a wide range of industrial sectors.

One thing has remained constant throughout our company history: To this day, we at Bang&Clean Technologies pursue the single goal of offering our customers products and services of the highest quality and safety. In this spirit, we continuously review and optimize the range of products and services in terms of efficiency and safety and develop new solutions. Example: the stationary, automated CloudEx™ system installed on the boiler that was launched in 2021. We can proudly report that the system has since been installed and tested in a wide range of systems to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

High tech powered by innovation

In 2016, Bang&Clean Technologies relocated its headquarters from Seon to the more central location of Othmarsingen. Management, Administration, Development, and Production work closely together on the company premises. Our dedicated employees can draw on their many years of experience in the areas of development, engineering, commissioning, and service to develop and expand our products and services. They combine innovation with motivation to continually develop high-tech products. Since day one, dialog with clients and close collaboration with universities have also been a wellspring for our innovations. The company has been ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001-certified since 2018.

Close to our customers

Our company structure is also important for our success. At our parent company, 14 employees share 13 full-time positions. What’s more, Bang&Clean founded its first subsidiary in Italy in 2011 in order to be close to our customers. To meet growing demand from international customers, subsidiaries were soon added in Benelux, France, and Asia. Meanwhile, the licensee network was further expanded. Ever since Bang&Clean Technologies was founded, we have been close to our customers.